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  • The assessment of each student is conducted at our Cognitive Center in Redwood City by one of our Certified Arrowsmith Teachers, who were trained by Arrowsmith in Toronto.

    The initial assessment is conducted as soon as the student enrolls, in order to determine what cognitive areas will be most beneficial for the student to start in their first year. The purpose of the assessment is to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the student’s cognitive areas to create an Individual Learning Profile, which is used as the basis for designing an individualized program of cognitive exercises to meet the learning needs of each student. The assessment is not administered to determine suitability for the program, but rather to provide the information that is necessary for programming and to determine the levels at which the student should start each cognitive exercise. The student will be assessed at the end of their first year, and annually thereafter, in order to examine progress made during the past year and assess the student’s cognitive needs for the upcoming year. The student may be identified as having any combination of the 19 learning dysfunctions that are described below.

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