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Comprehensive Assessments

  • ALLS offers

    different assessment types to meet clients’ needs, including:

  • 8

  • Diagnostic Screenings

    Speech Screenings offer a brief and informal look as to whether or not a child needs a full evaluation battery. Individual or Group Speech Therapy may be recommended for a child based on the results of the evaluation.

    Screenings can also be completed at your child’s school. We work with many schools in the Greater Bay Area.

    Articulation Evaluation

    The purpose of an articulation evaluation is to identify the sounds that your child is able to pronounce and those he or she cannot. The evaluation yields information as to whether or not your child is a good candidate for therapy.

    Comprehensive Evaluation Battery

    A comprehensive evaluation battery gathers data from a number of sources so that we have a complete picture of your child’s communication needs. We administer both formal and informal assessment instruments, review all pertinent evaluations and records, and interview you about how your child communicates across environments. We will be looking for issues such as breath support, oral motor ability, intonation, articulation, and speech rate. In addition, the evaluation includes a full speech work up and hearing screening. The assessment is conducted in a play-based format to put your child at ease. At the end of your appointment, you will leave with verbal results and recommendations, and a written report will be provided for you shortly thereafter.