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Feeding and Food Aversion

  • Does your child…
    • Have tantrum behaviors during mealtime?
    • Have trouble meeting his/her nutritional needs?
    Is your child…
    • An extremely picky eater?
    • Having challenges moving up to solid foods?
  • 6

  • Therapists who are specialized in treatment of pediatric feeding difficulties, including feeding disorders and food refusal, work with families to help children gain the skills needed to eat and reduce mealtime stress. Caregivers are trained to strengthen mealtime experiences and address any negative mealtime behaviors that may be occurring in the home.

    Therapists are certified in the SOS Approach to Feeding created by Kay Toomey, PhD. The SOS Approach to feeding is used assess the whole child, including organ systems, muscles, development sensory, oral-motor, learning/behavior, cognition, nutrition and environment.

    Feeding therapy is provided both individually and in a group setting. Contact ALLS at 650-631-9999 for more information about therapy offered at both of our clinic sites.