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Infant & Toddler

  • ALLS Integrated 18 months to 3 years Infant &Toddler Program
    Enriching each child’s foundation. Classes are taught by Speech and Language Pathologists. The only program with direct occupational therapy immersion.

    ALLS’s Infant/Toddler program has been serving young children with developmental delays for over 25 years on the Peninsula.

  • Children who benefit from our program have needs in the areas of speech and language development, self-help, play, social skills, motor development, and cognitive abilities. Each child is unique in their needs. What our children have in common is that they require specialized intervention to help them progress quickly; this is what ALLS is able to offer you and your child through our Infant/Toddler Program.

    Program Details:
    • Classes are taught by a Master’s prepared Speech/Language Pathologist or Early Intervention Specialist.
    • Classes are developmentally based and target language, social interaction/play, fine/gross motor, and self-help skills.
    • Student/teacher ratio is based on needs of the class. We can provide up to 2:1 staffing, however, our primary goal is that children become more independent with their skills while among their peers with reduced adult facilitation and support.
    • Class size: 8-10 children for non-parent participation, 6-8 children for the parent participation class.
    • Class structure is similar to preschool. There is play time, circle time, snack, fine/gross motor and language arts.
    • Each child has their own individual group oriented goals.
    • Classroom Population: typically children are placed in our program for receptive and/or expressive language needs, but we address sensory, social, and motor needs as well.
    • A multi-modality approach: we utilize signs/gestures, picture icons, and verbal language to support our student’s ability to access the curriculum.
    • Our classes are offered at our Redwood City location.
    • Occupational Therapy: Every week, the classroom occupational therapist directs sensory-motor activities. In this way, we can address sensory motor needs and determine if further support is needed in those areas.
    • Parent Training: Our early interventionist is available for parent training and offers mini-seminars on topics directly related to our students’ needs.
    • Behavior Therapy: Our behavior therapists provide consultation in our classrooms and are available for parent consult.
    • Additional therapy services: ALLS is able to provide individual speech, occupational, and behavioral therapy services following a referral. The classroom teacher can facilitate any referral deemed necessary.

    If you think your child would benefit from enrollment in an early intervention class, please contact us at 650.631.9999. We look forward to meeting you and your child.

    Enrollment Process:
    • Referrals come for children under age 3 that have qualified with Regional Center guidelines. If the referral is not from the Regional Center, but there is a concern, we schedule an intake screening.
    • Once we have results from the intake screening, they are reviewed by our Infant/Toddler Manager.
    • Parents come to observe the program.
    • Payments can be made through the Regional Center or can be privately paid.
    • If it is determined to be an appropriate placement, children are enrolled into the program.
    • We send out a confirmation email to the parent stating the start date.
    • We will also send a registration packet to be completed, which can be turned in during the first day. There is no additional fee for registering.