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Mighty Hands Handwriting Club

  • Mighty Hands Handwriting

    Handwriting is an essential part of school-related activities. Refined hand skills are not only critical for early learning, but enables a child to use tools, participate in manipulative learning activities, and most importantly express and demonstrate his/her knowledge through handwriting.

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  • We unlock hidden talents through fun-filled interactive activities to guide the learner through new techniques to learn appropriate and functional handwriting skills including:

    • Hand Control and coordination (pencil control)
    • Rhythmic and fluent handwriting
    • Correct letter formation
    • Consistent sizing of letters and words
    • Consistent spacing of letters and words
    • Reduction of reversals
    • Reduction in uppercase/lowercase confusion
    • Line control and alignment
    • Copying skills
    • Overall legibility
    • Motivation and self-confidence

    Our program follows a multi-sensory approach and incorporates different programs such as Handwriting Without Tears, Loops and Other Groups, Brain Gym and other therapeutic activities to enhance the child’s fine motor and/or visuomotor skills as fundamentals for handwriting. We incorporate home activities to reinforce and practice newly learned skills.