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  • Providing the building blocks of learning. Responsive curriculum. A structured approach that brings out the best in each child. Occupational therapists incorporated into weekly activities to enhance motor development.
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  • Developing new capabilities in children for more than
    30 years.

    The ALLS Preschool Program provides a collaborative approach to target speech and language development, sensory and self-regulation strategies, social skills, language arts, math, science, technology, writing, music, art, fine and gross motor skills, and behavioral needs in children.

    Learning is maximized within a developmentally appropriate, exciting, playful, and creative environment.

    The mission of our special education preschool program is to increase opportunities for success across developmental domains through highly individualized and specialized instruction in a small classroom environment.

    Our Philosophy

    Our classes are taught by Licensed Speech and Language Pathologists, and are supported by Behavioral Therapists (Applied Behavior Analysis) and Occupational Therapists to help children gain new skills as efficiently as possible. Our responsive curriculum is shaped by California Standards, Common Core, and individual IEP goals. The program is language-based, visually supported and takes into account each child’s unique learning needs with activities and materials designed specifically for your child’s developmental level.

    Our goal is to have each child make a smooth transition to a kindergarten setting.

    • Currently accepting ages 3-5 years.
    • 4:1 student to teacher ratio.
    • Our small class size allows us the luxury of being in the moment with your child throughout their multisensory learning experiences.
    • We encourage and facilitate peer relationships to build social skills for our students. We offer a balanced program with various levels of diagnoses.
    • Neurotypical student peers may be admitted to preschool when it can be scheduled. This may affect the staff-to-student ratio during specific times of the day for peer facilitated activities.
    • If 1:1 support is needed for your child, we offer specialists to provide those services.
    • We foster the growth of our children so that they are able to become more independent, each and every day.
    ALLS Preschool Program


    Anastacia Stanley, M.A.
    Education Programs Coordinator
    Contact by e-mail at
    Phone: (650) 631–9999  Fax: (650) 631–9988

    School Hours:

    Preschool: M-F 9:00am-12:30pm

    Students should not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to the start of class and should be picked up promptly following class dismissal.

    Chronic tardiness and late pick-ups will necessitate a conference and/or service charge to resolve this problem. Teachers are often scheduled in meetings directly following class session, making it difficult to allow time to stay in the classroom to watch your child.

    30 Day Trial Period

    The first 30 day placement is an assessment period. After the initial 30 days, staff and parents will discuss if the current placement is an appropriate fit for the child, and if necessary, additional referrals will be made available. 1:1 aides are not included in the yearly tuition. If it is decided during the 30 day period that a 1:1 aide is necessary for the student, this will be billed to the parent separately and on a weekly basis.

    Enrollment Process:
    • Referrals are often made to the program by parents, schools, or school districts for students 3-5 years old.
    • Parents/caregivers/school district personnel schedule a tour of the program.
    • Documentation is gathered regarding the child’s needs, including IEPs, evaluations/assessments, diagnoses, etc.
    • We accept school district placements, but will need a referral from the school district.
    • We schedule an intake appointment to determine the services needed and send a confirmation email of the appointment date and time.
    • Once placement and services have been determined for the child’s needs, tuition is calculated.
    • We will send a registration packet to be completed, which must be turned in before the first day of the program.
    • If the child is a new ALLS client, there is a $160 non-refundable registration fee.
    • If the child is a returning ALLS client, there is a $25 non-refundable registration fee.