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Sensory Integration

  • Our outpatient clinic is furnished with a wide variety of state of the art equipment used in sensory integration therapy. Our therapists are expertly trained and have advanced practice certifications in this area. In addition to providing direct individual therapy in our clinic, therapists also consult and collaborate with teachers and parents to implement sensory integration based strategies and/or treatment in classrooms and home environments.

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  • What is Sensory Integration?

    Sensory integration is the brain’s ability to register, organize, interpret and make adaptive responses to information we receive from the world around us and from within our bodies. This information is received through our sensory systems. Our sensory systems include vision, hearing, balance, touch, movement and joint sense, taste and smell.

    Sensory integration is not a cognitive skill; it takes place at the level of the brainstem, and can be treated in the clinic through skilled facilitation of inputs and adaptive motor, cognitive and behavioral outputs.

    The manner in which our nervous systems process and integrate sensory inputs will determine how easily we negotiate the challenges presented to us physically, emotionally and cognitively.

    What are some signs of challenges with sensory integration?
    • Heightened sensitivity or low awareness of touch, movement, sound
    • Distractibility or irritability in noisy crowded environments
    • Difficulty sustaining attention to seated tasks
    • Activity levels that are unusually high or low
    • Physical clumsiness or apparent carelessness
    • Impulsivity or lack of self control
    • Difficulty with transitions from one situation or activity to another
    • Poor self soothing or calming skills
    • Poor self concept or lack of self confidence
    • Delays in language or motor skills
    • Poor or inconsistent academic performance