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Social Skills & Facilitated Play Groups

  • ALLS Social Skills Groups

    Our social skills groups focus both on the needs of each individual as well as the group dynamic. Our groups integrate the skills of play, language, and social skills. Our groups aim to provide structured and unstructured opportunities to experience, understand, and apply play and communication to social skills. Parent guidance is also

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  • integrated within the ALLS social framework curriculum to provide practical activities and avenues to discuss and practice social skills outside of the clinic environment.

    • Establish a safe space in which students can test their social skills without fear and experience social success.
    • Exploration of group dynamics among students in the group to create opportunities to advance their social skills.
    • Use play and communication development to target the acquisition of the Theory of Mind.
    • Structured opportunities to experience, understand, and apply play and social communication skills.
    • Learn appropriate language to use in social situations to increase successful interactions.
    • Modeling and role-playing.

    The goal of the Social Skills program at ALLS is to give students the tools necessary to navigate their social world. Successful social interactions in our groups empower our students to go out into their worlds to experience their own social victories. Occasionally, students are not ready for groups. Speech and Language Pathologists work with these students individually to learn the rules of social interactions to prepare them for group opportunities.